Every Digital Thing You Do Is Exposed.

Year: 2016
Team: Megan Valanidas, Kanitta Chartvutkorbkul

Facebook logs our likes, Amazon tallies our wishlists and purchases, Google watches over it all. The more time one

spends online provides that many more personal preferences, habits and associations to be cross-checked and



This is easy to forget.


We propose the Observation Workspace; an experience that visualizes the process of personal data collection.

As your data is collected, it is revealed onto your personal workspace.


We can learn a lot about a person from close personal observation. The way you keep your possessions inside of

closed drawers. How you arrange your desk. As more windows are opened on your desk’s surface, the more

transparent the physical desk becomes. Your posture when seated is revealed. How you hold your hands when at rest.

What you’re doing underneath the desk is exposed.


Our selves, our identities are exposed globally.


 In the coming world, privacy will be a commodity.


This desk will remind you how much of yourself is on exhibition.



With special thanks to
Press release: Daniel James Hanley

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