Program             : A project for Design for Aging course
Year                    : 2016

Working period: 2 weeks

A mortar and pestle set is an undeniable important tool in Thai kitchen. Even the food processor is developed, the food processor hardly gives depth or fragrance and flavors. Also, Thai elderly strongly prefer to use a mortar and a pestle than a food processor. Because of the heavy weight and unergonomic working position, users feel uncomfortable using a mortar and a pestle.

The intention of the project is to study physical ergonomic motion and posture, then design a simple mechanical appliance or product that provides ergonomic pounding posture and motion. Users put less force in pounding. They can hold a pestle easily and firmly.


Why not an electrical device?

It will be a great thing to see an electrical pounding appliance in the market. I chose to design a mechanical appliance because this direction allows me to learn a lot more on users’ physical interaction and movement.



With Special thanks to

Attapol Worrawuttaweekul, Kritwalee Seneetantikul, พี่อ๊อฟ

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