Fanciful Friday


Year                  : 2010 

Design Team   : Kanitta Chartvutkorbkul, Pacharapan, Mai Yoonaisil


About Friday   
People enjoy this day because it is the last working day of a week. Our design direction is to represent Friday in FANCIFUL, ABSTRACT, BLURRED and SURREAL feelings. SOAP BUBBLES are used to represent the similar feelings.


Design Direction

ONLY THE LIGHTING EFFECT IS DESIGNED, NOT THE LAMP APPEARANCE. The character of soap bubbles resembles the feelings we want to present.

Many kinds of material were experimented such as, plastic box, colorful plastic plate as well as wrinkle-free and wrinkled transparent plastic bag. Finally, wrinkled transparent plastic bag bulged with water and various colors of LED provide the most satisfying effect. The wrinkled plastic bag also provides the unpredictable shadow pattern. Moreover, the light refraction from the mass of water also intensifies the unsystematic shadow and makes the shadow moves. Each color of light is blended into each other. This effect is similar to soap bubbles, the initial intention of project.

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