Watpa Vimuttayalaya

An undergraduate thesis.
Award: Best Five of Interior Design from Degree Show 2012, held by ART4D magazine


Location: near Bangkok, Thailand

Year: 2011-2012

Advisor: Boonserm Premthada


Bangkokians used to have a very closed relationship to Buddhist’s temples, but the relationship has been changed. Many of them feel that Buddhist’s temple is suspicious and superstitious. The temple cannot teach moral and doctrine efficiently. 


We hope that the interior architecture supports Buddhism learning. The interior space encourages people to behave morally, be aware and think about nature’s truth. Nature's truth is Buddhism’s doctrine. If people understand the nature’s truth, they will know how to live happily and peacefully. 

Nature’s truth = Buddhism’s doctrine = Dharma
Three Characteristics of Existence, the most significant of doctrine, includes

1. Impermanence: Existence changes continuously.

2. Suffering: The anxiety of trying to hold onto things which are constantly changing.

3. Non-self: Nothing is independently-existing self. Existence depends on others. It exists for a while and then disappears.

Therefore, nothing can be controlled and nothing is truly Mine and I.

As a result, Buddhists should LEAVE I& MINE in order to BE FREE FROM SUFFERING


Interior's direction
1. Use scientific teaching approach (also to get rid of traditional superstitious image of temple)
2. Raise people’s awareness of

    - Accentuate Truth of Nature (Buddhism’s doctrine)
    - Let people live together in peace (human+nature+morals)

Interior design serves PEOPLE‘S PERCEPTION, FEELINGS, AND BEHAVIOR which we took into consideration while designing. The intention of the project is “Less is more” as too much decoration might lead visitors away to illusion, especially when the doctrine we are trying to emphasize here is to leave behind. Moreover, my intention design is to get along well with the architecture and effect the architecture as little as possible.



In Buddhism, Buddha’s statues are in various postures. Each posture implies a different doctrine. Here only prominent part of each posture is sculptured and placed in every area. The fact that only prominent parts, not whole statues are displayed is in order to ENCOURAGE VISITORS‘ CURIOSITY TO FIND HIDDEN MEANING.



The project makes good use of original material’s characteristic without unnecessary decoration. Because the original material represents Nature’s Truth such as the aging and the damage. It is also environmental-friendly by using products made of REUSED MATERIAL as much as possible.

With special thanks to
Chutima Kukitwattana, Kittisak Denphatcharangkul, Jirachai Rungruangsilp, Latttanun Poomvuttisan


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