Program      : Main hall, Unit model, Display room, Discussion area, VIP signing area, and other facilities

Location      : Shenzhen, China

Year              : 2012 (Completed in 2013)

Client           : China Resources Land Co., Ltd.

Architect      : Foster+Partners

Interior Architect : Department of Architecture Co., Ltd.

Principal                : Amata Luphaiboon, Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum

Design Team        :  Sine Lah Lah, Kritwalee Seneetantikul, Jirapol, Waraluk, Cherry, Kanitta

Resiponsibility     :  Design development in VIP signing area  



- Strong visual image

- Go well with architectural design and warm wood & white material scheme

- Interior design as permanent ART INSTALLATION exploring contemporary interpretation of MODERN CHINA



China has thousands millions of people. Strength of the country is collective people. As a result, the art installation expresses small units of Chinese elements combine and become one unique whole.



Installation is simplified from the Chinese elements that have good meaning to Chinese people. Not totally different from the original ones, people are still able to recognize what the installation is simplified from.       


Sale Center : VIP Signing Area

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