The building is symmetrical with a peaceful sensation. It includes a rectangular main hall in the middle that connects both courtyards. The Bodhi tree courtyard serves as arrival hall leading to the reception rectangular hall, then to Lotus pond courtyard respectively. Every space is fully opened to each other; visitors can see the entire space at first glance.




This building is intended to be visitors’ first impression. Architect’s intention was to enhance a peaceful sensation. Our proposal is to LIMIT VISITORS‘ PERCEPTION, instead of seeing the whole space in a glimpse, space is compartmented. Visitors will experience each compartment step by step. 


There is a lotus pond which visitors can only look at from surrounding colonnades. To imply the meaning of lotus, displayed a hand sculpture, simplified from one of Buddha postures. This posture represents 4 types of lotus; simile of human’s intellect level that Buddha classified before he chose an approach to preach. The interpretation of the sculpture and Nature’s Truth are carved on brick blocks in various height. To read, visitors have to walk on these blocks. Some blocks are sunk in the water. Slippery, visitors have to be aware of every move. BE AWARE OF EVERY MOTION is Mindfulness, one of Buddhism’s mind practicing. The blocks allow visitors to use the pond space more than before.

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Lotus Pond Courtyard 

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