Afer Prince Siddhartha, the last Buddha, passed away, BUDDHA STATUE occurred as symbol to REMIND PEOPLE OF BUDDHA’S DOCTRINE.



Thai urbanites tend to be materialistic and stick more to the appearance of Buddha statue than the doctrines. LEAVE  is the main idea of Buddhism’s doctrine. LEAVE  is to achieve Nirvana, the Buddhism ultimate goal.



Let people LEAVE THE APPEARANCE, a wall separating people from doctrines. Raise awareness in Truth of Nature, which leads to Nirvana.



To strike people’s mind, traditional position with the holy large Buddha statue is not used. A new position, an enormous Buddha statue is displayed in the pond surrounding the temple. People will see face to face with the Buddha’s statue, which does not look like a holy statue, but the ruined one. THE BUDDHA STATUE HERE IS LET WEAR AWAY BY NATURE. Consequently, people will be aware of the Truth of Nature that everything changes, even the gigantic Buddha statue is either unavoidable. After that, visitors are encouraged to LEAVE and become less materialistic.



To draw attention to the Buddha statue, the design frames people eye’s view.   The top part of the columns in dark color is intended to blend in with the dark shade under the roof.


The semi-opened wall wrapping around this space is made of small wood columns lined in different angles and unequal gaps, cause various of patterns of shade on the floor.


Thanks to the voids, the nature could have a direct impact on the space. The light and shadow changes during the day. The wind passes through.


The Flame and Roble de Sabana trees grow along a circular pathway. Their appearance changes in every season.  


All these designs are to emphasize, the impermanence which is one of Nature’s Truth. 

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Church

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