Meditation and Vipassana are essential practice of Buddhism. In general, the practice often start in the daytime in this building.



According to diary of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, an innovative reinterpreter of Buddhist doctrine. Meditation can be done in many ways. The main idea is to KEEP CONCENTRATION to something as long as possible. Something that does not raise greed, anger and illusion.



means INSIGHT into Nature’s Truth, the three characteristics of existence.



To REDUCE DISTURBANCE to practitioners in beginner level with an appropriate environment.




To raise mindfulness that is essential to meditation and Vipassana. DARKNESS PLAYS A CRUCIAL ROLE. In this place, practitioners have to be careful in every motion. Additionally, old wood floor squeak and rough cement wall stimulate them to be more careful.     



Lots of practitioners practicing in the same place leads to difficulties in concentration. Temporarily dim-lighted space could help them see less of disturbance. However, if they WATCH CANDLELIGHT IN DIM SPACE, THEY WILL NOT SEE ANY DISTURBANCE EXCEPT THE LIGHT ALONG THE PRACTICE. Moreover, the movement of candlelight makes practitioners more concentrated.



The candlelight rises, shines and fades. It is similar to human life. We were born, grow old and pass away. It is an example that nothing lasts forever.



The rough and plain texture in striped pattern on the floor raises concentration in each step during the walk.


DETAIL  DESIGN          

The brightness in meditation hall can be adjusted by moving the surrounding louver panels upward or downward. To support the activities, the height of lanterns can be adjusted by hand pulley. About the air circulating, the big electric fans are installed above ceiling to blow upward the air from outside.

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Meditation Hall 

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