According to Buddha posture meaning that FOOD IS A SOURCE FOR CONTINUITY OF OUR BODY’S SYSTEM is simplified to be a sculpture for this area. Therefore, practitioners are reminded that they eat in order to survive. Additionally, they SHOULD NOT CARE MUCH ABOUT THE TASTE of food because IT CAUSES DESIRE AND ILLUSION, obstacles to Nirvana.



Provide an appropriate environment for practitioners to practice dining with mindfulness and learn WHAT IS FOOD IN TERM OF BUDDHISM and HOW IT AFFECTS OUR BODY.



According to diary of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, he ate only watermelon for all day, it made him feel cold even in summer. It showed that food has direct effects to the body’s system. This idea is used to be a part of practice ; practitioners receive one kind of fruits and vegetables from orchard which surrounds the canteen, and then prepare their food. As a result, they found that, without soil, tree cannot grow; without trees, fruit cannot grow. Everything relies on each other and changes gradually. Our food consists of abundant elements. This point shows the three characteristics of existence.



To reduce talking during mealtime, SEATS ARE ORGANIZED LIKE ONES IN A THEATER. Practitioners sit and see the orchard. While walking to the seat, they walk pass the others who are dining. Consequently, the walkers walk carefully and the diners pay more attention to the practice while dining. They consider the others’ existence and try not to disturb the others. They learn to leave selfishness and consideration.


Due to the location in tropical climate, the sunlight is strong. The horizontal wooden fins can be rotated to provide shade. Additionally, the brick walls are vertical fins. The bottom is wider than the top, with the sunlight incidence on surface, the damage of brick wall is revealed. THE ELEMENTS OF BUILDING ARE INTENTIONALLY EXPOSED TO SHOW THAT BUILDING IS COMPOSED OF MANY PARTS. Beams and columns are visible. The wall is made of thousands of brick.


The building shows NON-SELF, one of the three characteristics of existence. 

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Canteen

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