In meditation course, practitioners should be mindful, avoid talking and keep concentrated all along the course.



From general layout, they could talk to each other easily and could hardly concentrate. Some tend to choose wall unit bed because it is more private than a bed at the center of the room. THEY LEAVE THE BEDS CONSIDERED AS WORSE-LOCATED TO OTHERS. This behavior expresses self-interest. 



DISPLAY EACH BED IN EQUALLY GOOD LOCATION. Let practitioners live and learn closely to nature.



OVERLAPPING LAYOUT is used in order to provide a larger gap between each headboard. Every bed has a partition on one side to keep privacy. The bigger gap and the partitions help practitioners avoid talking and keep concentrated better.


To make BUILDING BOUNDARY SEEM DISAPPEAR, the roof is made of clear glass on a steel structure. To make shade in daytime (02), bamboo blindfolds are rolled down to cover the roof and sliding doors on both sides of the building. By means of bamboo blinds, air could circulate well. 

Before sleeping, practitioners pray and practice sleeping with mindfulness. By practicing Vipassana and contemplating the night sky at the meantime, the practitioner could learn impermanence, one of Nature’s Truth.

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Bodhi Tree Courtyard 

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