A place for the final discussion and making a deal. 



Chinese Lantern plant, a Chinese element, is simplified from the bright lantern, using cut and fold technique.



Simplified features can be seen in every inch of the space. The installations are used to define the space. The installation is an extended section plan, developed from the Chinese element. Thanks to the installations, it creates semi-private space, appropriate for discussion area. Installations are exhibited in three different heights. The lowest installs near the terrace and the highest places the furthest. Because of these three heights, every group can take a sea view. To accent the flow of installation, when they are exhibited together, the top of the installation glows.


The decorative items and the floor lamps are made of various materials. Some are white metal mesh. Some are folded stainless mirror plates. Because of the multiple materials, their lighting effects are also different.


To let the beautiful sea view visible from the space, the whole wall is finished with a special material. It is a super clear glass with white coating at the back side. The front side is printed in gradient pattern. The pattern causes blurred effect at the bottom and gradually decreases to the top.


The loose furniture with curves is selected. The floor lamps are in several heights to fulfill the empty space between the partition and the ceiling.

Sale Center : VIP Signing Area

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