A welcoming transition space, leading to each retail shop. Artificial and luxurious tone




The wall(c) in the plan, is added to refine an unknown shape of space to two rectangular spaces. At the first glance from the entrance, the wall(c) reduce the obviousness of the emergency exit door(A). The wall(D) conceals the service door and reduces the length of space.



Acrylic prisms are used as featured installation in this area. From studying of the lighting effect, THE LIGHT BEAM PASSES THROUGH SERIES OF THE PRISMS. SOME OF THEM STRIKE AND REFLECT OFF THE FLAT MIRROR. This technique is used in this area. The solid acrylic prisms are exhibited. The light sources are hidden at each end of some tubes. The wall(C,D) has mirror finish in order that some of the light beam reflect off the mirror. Moreover, the mirror delusively multiplies up the number of prisms. To point up the featured installation and the lighting effect, the space is in white. The entire wall except C,D and the floor are made of white marble. On the wall, there are some V-shaped groove lines which are similar to the prism form.

Shenzhen Residence : Retail Public Area

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