In architectural design, there is only one canteen in the project. The canteen is located near meditation zone. Meditation practitioners and sightseers use the same canteen; meditation practitioners could be disturbed.


To separate two groups of people, new canteen for non-practitioners is purposed. The old canteen will serve only practitioners. The architectural design of the new dining place will be in harmony with surrounding.



The place where visitors learn to leave selfishness and to FOLLOW THE SOCIAL RULES. 



Instead of a full service restaurant, this cafeteria provides a self-service meal including taking plate, getting food, paying cash in a donation box, and washing their plate. They have to queue up for everything. This will let people learn to follow the social rules and reduce the maintenance costs. Paying cash into a donation box, people will practice honesty. Moreover, there will be a short mind practice during a mealtime. To have meal, they must be on time. It encourages them to be punctual.




A long narrow bridge entrance, visitors have to follow the social rules by keeping silent, QUEUE UP, and walk carefully. Moreover, careful walk enhances mindfulness, one of mind practicing in Buddhism. During the walk, visitors will see animals living in orchard, so they will learn that every life such as birds, squirrels and fruit trees, rely on each other. Actually, everything relies on each other, so people should leave selfishness and live together in peace.



This will be only one hand washing point, so they will learn to SHARE with others. This washing hand point is a sculpture itself, simplified from the Buddha posture which explains to people that everything should live together.



It is a Thai etiquette that when they sit with strangers, they tend to lower their voice in order not to disturb the others. People in the hall practice the mind meditation during dining together at two enormous tables. Due to practitioner’s review, practicing in a large group provides more efficient effect to beginners than practicing alone. The benches are immovable in order to keep distance among people while they are practicing. By using old squeaky wood floor, walking on it makes people THINK ABOUT OTHERS and keeps the place silent.

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Dining Hall

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