Artificial and luxurious tone. Create a different mood from public retail area’s lobby.

The lighting effect is the featured element of this space; the prisms are concealed.



To contrast the mood of bright space in the lobby of public retail area, the lobby in public residential area is dark.


Following to design direction, the lighting effect is the featured element, so we exaggerate the lighting effect and illusorily enlarge the space by using mirror stainless finish on the other wall. The featured lighting effect appears all along the inside wall because sunlight hardly spoils the lighting effect.




The simple marble tube, yet gives a unique lighting effect. The prisms are arranged in pattern at the bottom of pendant light. The effect depends on the pattern of prisms, the distance of light source, angle of light beam. The strong light beam gives a better result.


To have the lighting effect on the wall, the prisms and the light sources are installed in the ceiling slot. Only their effect appears on matte and glossy striped pattern of the marble wall. From the experiment, THE LIGHTING PATTERN DEPENDS ON THE COMPOSITION OF PRISMS, THE LOCATION AND THE DISTANCE BETWEEN EACH LIGHT SOURCE. 


There are two effects. First is the glowing striped pattern on the wall: light
grey wall with vertical striped voids of acrylic prism. The glowing of decorative prism poles is to accentuate the striped pattern. Second, various effects of lighting on the floor and the ceiling, THE LIGHT SOURCES ARE FIXED, BUT THE PRISMS ARE INSTALLED IN DIFFERENT ANGLES. The light sources are at the bottom and the top of the pole, so the lighting effect shows both on the floor and on the ceiling.

Shenzhen Residence

: Residential Public Area

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