The building is symmetrical with a peaceful sensation. It includes a rectangular main hall in the middle that connects both courtyards. The Bodhi tree courtyard serves as arrival hall leading to the reception rectangular hall, then to Lotus pond courtyard respectively. Every space is fully opened to each other; visitors can see the entire space at first glance.




This building is intended to be visitors’ first impression. Architect’s intention was to enhance a peaceful sensation. Our proposal is to LIMIT VISITORS‘ PERCEPTION, instead of seeing the whole space in a glimpse, space is compartmented. Visitors will experience each compartment step by step. 


Bodhi Tree Courtyard

The Bodhi tree is a symbol of enlightenment. Buddha meditated and enlightened under the tree. Owing to the place’s calmness, it is to emphasize the CHANGE of nature and also to make Bodhi tree outstand. Moreover, a rough concrete wall serves as, not only blindfolding partition but also as a white frame to reflect the shadow of the tree movement. Along the project’s site, there are two existing agricultural waterways which will be diverted to both courtyards. The water level changes naturally during the day. According to three characteristics, it is to emphasize that everything is impermanent.

Watpa Vimuttayalaya : Bodhi Tree Courtyard 

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